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Mikus Kins is the epitome of commitment.  With every project he is apart of, he has a drivenness about him that invites people to follow his lead.  His involvement in banking and finance, real estate, and domestic and international capital markets has given him an extensive knowledge base as the Executive Vice President for RealtyMetrix.

His professional history is quite notable, starting with graduation from Francis W. Parker private school in Chicago, Illinois.  Mikus continued his studies at Brown University. Though different from the Windy City, the suburban change became a fresh of breath air that eventually sparked his interest in a variety of ways. At Brown, Mikus engaged himself in various groups such as crew and the business club. But it was ultimately his studies, a double major of international relations and history, which reinvigorated an opportunity for Mikus to reflect on who he was and where he wanted to go in the future. Because of that, Mikus decided to study abroad at the University of Latvia. With his family of Latvian descent, he knew this was a defining moment for him. Understanding the social, political, and economical issues from class and immersing himself at the University of Latvia, post-Soviet Union, Mikus was given a new perspective on life. He eventually made the decision to apply for citizenship and was granted dual citizenship before moving back to America.

Mikus KinsWhen moving back to the United States, Mikus knew he wanted to further his expertise and education with business and finance. Having done extensive research on Fishers College MBA program and having family in Columbus, Ohio, Mikus decided to attend Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University double majoring in finance and investment management with a double minor in real estate and international business. This program eventually prepared him for his time at La Salle Bank.

In Mikus’ business development roles, he oversaw the Global Securities Solutions Division for Bank of America, Merrill Lynch in London which provided a wide range of trust and administrations services for both securitized and non-securitized products such as CLOs, CDOs, Commercial/Residential Mortgage Backed Securities and over $60 billion in Total Return Swap portfolios. Prior to joining RealtyMetrix, Mikus developed and launched a manager transparency fund product that provided extensive due-diligence, real-time transparency and 24 hour risk monitoring for managers, banks, institutional and high net worth investors. This revolutionary product serviced over 200 funds and $8.5 billion in investments.

Outside of his career, Mikus Kins has a number of passions and interest, which he regularly engages in and pursues. Because of his previous rowing experience back in college, Mikus is an avid outdoors enthusiast. He enjoys skiing, hiking, running, and of course rowing. When he is not exploring the wilderness, you can find Mikus out at the theater, art gallery, or antique shows with his wife and close friends. Most days, especially evenings and weekends, Mikus is simply a family man. Father to a six-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son, Mikus sees his family and kids as his entire world. If he is not at the office, you can always be sure to find him at his home with his family or out volunteering at his children’s school.